Stuck in the middle

Why do I often get the feeling that if life is a test, then I have failed?

Or that I’m stuck in the middle of something.

Pretty enough to be considered pretty, but not pretty enough to have it matter.

I’m overweight enough that I need to do something about it, but not overweight enough that anybody else would call me overweight.

I’m smart enough that I did well in school, and got a good scholarship to college, but not smart enough for that college to be outside of my home state, which has some of the worst public education in the nation.

I have enough common sense to get myself to all the places I’ve been so far, but not enough common sense to look up the Saturday bus schedule before Saturday to see that it might just possibly be different than the weekdays.



**Part of my voice memo series

Voice memo

October 1, 2016

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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