In defense of not being polished / person worth something

**Editorial note here: these words reflect my situation and thoughts at the time. Things have changed, as they are wont to do. Read accordingly.


In praise of not being polished:

In this day and age, we have to sell ourselves, essentially. You have to have volunteer experience, you have to have a blog, and you have to have an Instagram, and you have to have a Facebook and a Twitter and a LinkedIn. And all of these other signifiers that you area a capital-P Person capital-W Worth capital-S Something.

I am a person worth something, because I’m a person, and so fundamentally I have a right to exist. And I believe that, and I know that, and anyone you would talk to about me would tell you all of my wonderful good qualities. But those good qualities do not include having a successful blog or a YouTube channel, or anything like that really that is currency in today’s world, at least when it comes to getting jobs. If you can’t tell, I’m frustrated right now. Because I’m not a Person Worth Something as far as getting a job. Or an internship, or being in the Peace Corps, or any of the things that I’m considering wanting to do. So. Next move, next stage of the game, I don’t know, is in defense of not being polished.

I’m going to start putting everything out there. I’m gonna post bullshit on a blog that’s not really good, and I’m not gonna censor it, and I’m gonna put Instagrams up and I’m going to write every day, something that I’ve promised myself several times that I would do, and have just started doing recently. And I’m gonna talk about my yoga, and I’m gonna talk about my baking, and I’m gonna talk about my thoughts on gay issues, and I’m gonna do a lot of things. And I don’t know if it’ll make me a Person Worth Something, but maybe at least it’ll make a compelling story.

Voice memo

December 5, 2017

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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