So I do my writing in a myriad of ways. Or, as some newer stylebooks would request: I do my writing in myriad ways. No, I don’t like that version, but yes, I think it might be correct.

So these many (solved it!) ways include straight-to-the-source-this-blog, random notes in my phone (it’s actually one note, and it’s titled “Ramblings.”), my pen-and-paper journal, and voice notes. Among other things.

So I’m starting a series where I share already-written things that haven’t otherwise seen the light of day here.

This is the first of the series. In it, I’ll include the original mechanism of thought capture, the date, and the location in which the brilliance sparked (ha ha).

Without further ado, here is Voice Note #1: Pigeonhole.


Thought: change the name of my new blog “Everything” to “Pigeonhole.”

I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and she says, “Let other people pigeonhole you however they need to, and pigeonhole you, they shall. Because that’s what people like to do. Actually, pigeonholing is something people need to do, in order to feel that they have set the chaos of existence into some kind of reassuring order.”

So the reason that I named my blog “Everything” is because I don’t like to be pigeonholed. I don’t want to be stuck into some particular thing.

So, maybe instead of calling it “Everything,” which is kind of a boring title, I’ll call it “Pigeonhole” because it represents what I don’t want: I don’t want to be told I can only do one type of thing, I want to do everything. But if people want to pigeonhole me, they can, but for the meantime, I’ll be clever and creative.

Voice memo

December 1, 2017

Ocean Springs, Mississippi


***A real scintillating peek behind the curtain here, I know. But this is the kind of shit I want to read, as a reader of blogs, and I promised myself my blog would not fit into any already-defined category. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

Stay tuned for more. They’ll be juicier, I assure you.

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