There was a hiatus. And now I’m back.

Links for today, real writing coming soon.

Of Montreal is one of those great, weird bands that’s been successful enough to make music for many years, but weird enough to never really get mainstream recognition. They played in a city near me recently and I couldn’t go, but I listened to some of their music for nostalgia’s sake (I was v. into them in college) and I ran across this gem: why is it not a feminist anthem yet?

If you haven’t listened to Daniel Caesar yet, you should. His music is plaintive and pretty and real and raw and encompasses a broad spectrum of human emotion, while remaining playful at times. NPR just dropped a Tiny Desk concert featuring him and some incredible bandmates/backup singers/guest artists and it’s really worth the whole 16 minutes if you have it.

And to finish us up, this is the video that got me into Hayley Kiyoko, and boy am I into her now. Aren’t you curious?







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