Baking is my favorite coping mechanism

More baking because maybe it’s an obsession lately, or maybe just because it’s an anxiety coping mechanism. This day in particular! I made a promise to my parents that I’d make them some breakfast, thereby forcing myself to get up early enough in the morning on a Saturday to do so, thereby giving myself time to work on a project.

Biscuits? Check. Working on several other projects? Check. Working on that particular project… next! That’ll be next. Promise.


If you can’t tell already, I like to use LOTS of measuring spoons and cups when I bake. Like way more than I need to. I usually just get them all out and lay them on the counter, mise en place style, and then don’t use half of them, but end up washing them anway because they get caught in the cross-flour. … Get it? Like cross-fire, but. But flour? I’ll show myself out.


But not before I show you these damn delicious biscuits. Recipe from another favorite food blog of mine, Minimalist Baker. They do mostly vegan/gluten-free stuff, and as of late their site has leaned pretty heavily in that direction, featuring lots of stuff like liquid amino acids and nutritional yeast and stuff that I don’t typically have on hand but might be really cool if you’re into stuff like that. It’s definitely my go-to site when I need to feed people of varying dietary restrictions. Also plant-based is awesome for the planet.

This recipe also gets kudos for being crazy easy. And if you’re not vegan or don’t have that stuff on hand, you can easily swap out the almond milk for regular and Earth Balance for regular butter. Also, I got ten biscuits out of mine, whereas Minimalist Baker advises you might only get 7-8. Who knows.

Anyway, enjoy.

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