Any time is a good time for a king cake

Baking is a hobby. Being really good at cross-platform social media promotion is not. Here’s a screengrab from a boomerang from an Insta story from like a few weeks ago. Did I mention this is a creative outlet and hobby and I’m not trying to attain expert level? Okay good.


Anyway, I made a King Cake. If you’re not from an area that celebrates Mardi Gras, you’ll have to trust me that a they’re delicious. If you are from an area that celebrates Mardi Gras, you’ll probably wonder why the heck I made my own king cake, when there are perfectly good king cakes to be purchased, like, everywhere.

Like I said, baking is a hobby. I’m pretty good at it (hello following directions) and it gives me a sense of accomplishment, especially when people eat the finished product and tell me it’s delicious. (What reason would they have to lie? Unless I am actually living in a Truman-show type conspiracy and everyone is nice to me because they’re acting. But probably they just liked the thing I made.)


Another screengrab, this time from an Insta story video (shoutout to my brother for capturing the video so I could use both my hands). I actually won a bake-off by making a vegan king cake a few years back. There were only like six entrants in the contest, but still, I was pretty proud. King cakes are basically a brioche-type dough filled with a cinnamon paste (that’s a terrible way to describe it but hey I’m not a food writer) and then topped with a glaze and colored sugar. The filling for the recipe I used called for some cocoa powder in the “paste,” which I initially thought was crazy talk, but I trust Joy, so I used it, and it of course turned out delicious. There was also some lemon juice in the glaze and lemon zest in the dough (I didn’t have a lemon on hand so I used a teensy bit of juice in the dough and less than the called-for amount in the glaze with my little lemon squeeze bottle) which again — I thought it was pretty zany, but Joy knows what she’s talking about.


You can’t super tell from this picture, but the dough ends up braided, and if you’re an expert baker (it me…not) it turns out really pretty. Luckily for all involved, this cake gets covered with so much stuff you don’t even need it to be pretty at this stage. Mmmm look at that glaze dribble. (Ew. Again, some words are good descriptors, but not very appetizing.)


And then when we finish dribbling the icing and absolutely cover it with colored sugar, you can’t even tell it looks crazy underneath, but it tastes crazy delicious.

I’m pretty sure blogging etiquette/copyright law dictates I cannot repost Joy’s recipe here, but you should definitely hop over to her site for this particular recipe as well as many more. Yes, I realized, I linked that recipe page twice. What of it? Also, I think this is quickly becoming a Joy the Baker fan blog. I just enjoy her writing style and her recipes, okay? Whatchu gonna do about it?

Happy Mardi Gras, a couple weeks late.


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