Advancing the story

We’re advancing the story here, folks. Above is the behind-the-scenes video for that music video I shared last post (a few posts ago? This obvi isn’t very scientific). I’m a huge sucker for anything behind the scenes. Remember that show with Marc Summers, Unwrapped? So cool. And if I enjoy a movie, the first thing I want to do afterward is watch the behind-the-scenes documentaries/interviews/deleted scenes. (Usually much to the chagrin of whoever I’m watching the movie with. Whomever? Whomst’vever.)

I’ve realized why bloggers and newsletter-senders and those types do “link roundups” and I’m here to let you in on the secret. Come in real close so I can whisper… it’s really easy. You’re going to be looking at stuff on the internet anyway, maybe some of it is going to be interesting, and then instead of coming up with your OWN topic to write about, you just get to say a few witty (or pithy, but obviously not in my case) things about the links you’re directing your readers to. I mean, c’mon! How lazy can you get? So lazy, which is why this is my new favorite way of blogging. 🙂 *insert segue about how lazy cats are* (No, I don’t have a cat, yes I am sad about it, yes I would also like a dog)

This next piece I’m gonna direct you to is timely, unfortunately. If you’ll notice the date it was published, you’ll see why a lot of people needed some info on controlled breathing to “reduce stress and soothe your body” at that time. And I’m afraid I’ve been needing that advice lately too. If you do, here it is for you.

The next thing I’m working on is a post for my sister’s blog (which is a real blog attached to a real business with real readers and clients and is very fancy and I am very excited for the opportunity) so I might do a little brushing up of this old thing in case I feel proud enough of my piece to direct readers over here.

Hey, we’re nothing if not honest here, right?


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