I’ve sobbed hard every day since Wednesday thinking about the state of our country (whoa, why is this charming and low-key blog getting ~political~ …I told you it’d be about everything) and how I hope I’ll get to emigrate to be with my partner in New Zealand and raise our kids there, because (among other things) they have common sense gun laws. Anyway, here‘s a link about good places you can donate your money and/or time too that are helpful in a lot of ways – working to make our country a better place and helping the people in it. And of course there’s Everytown, the organization dedicated to ending gun violence.

One of the ways I handled my anxiety today was by baking a loaf of bread from my other favorite blogger, Smitten Kitchen. This recipe is for a “light wheat bread” and my house smells amazing right now. Here’s my version, pre-slicing:

Light Wheat Bread, Smitten Kitchen
You’re supposed to wait two hours before slicing… not sure that’s gonna happen.

We’ve got a lot of problems. I don’t know how to solve any of them. We talk about coping mechanisms and stopgaps, and I think that’s the best I can do right now.


As always, Fictional Readers, thanks for riding along. Until next time.

x H

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