Arty Crafty

More arts and crafts, friends. These were Christmas presents (most of which actually got to their recipients by Christmas, thankyouverymuch, even if they’re not making it onto the blog until well after Epiphany).

This is a Pinterest idea for tiny canvases. I think mine were 2″ by 2″.

The original image that I (attempted to) copy.

The one on the left is (obviously) my attempt. The two on the right are just little fun ones I did because I’m in love with this rose gold paint I bought. It’s just cheap stuff (Craft Smart Multi Surface Premium Ultra Bright Metallic Paint in Rose Gold, to be specific) but I really liked the way it turned out. All three were Christmas gifts for my girlfriend (those are our initials/nicknames for each other).

My finished product.

This project was super fun if a little time-consuming: bath bombs!

Original idea from though I adapted a bit. You need baking soda, epsom salt, coconut oil, corn starch, and essential oil… and citric acid, which was annoyingly only available online, at least in my area. You can use food coloring (I did) but it would probably be safer to invest in some soap dye if you’re making for someone with senstitive skin. I figured if it was safe to eat, it would be at least reasonably safe to bathe in.

The process.

I bought this silicone mold from Michael’s, and the size bath bombs it made were decent for one bath, although they come out a lot smaller than ones you’d find at Lush. Shown below are the different ramekins I used to make different colors. I used peppermint and tea tree oils for scent, which is why I stuck to the green/blue/white color scheme.

Maybe one day I’ll learn DIY photography/staging, but today is not that day.

As you can see I branched out with colors a bit to try some Starlite peppermint type ones. Those weren’t as cute and look way weirder in the bath than they blue/green ones. But for a first try I think they were a success!

After they had been drying for mayyyybe an hour and I couldn’t help myself and popped one out.

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