A smoothie post because why not

Okay, fictional readers, I promised you this blog would be about EVERYTHING, so here we are. A smoothie post. And not even a particularly entertaining one. Oh well, this is my secret readerless blog and I’ll post a boring smoothie post if I wanna, dammit.


Here are a few of the ingredients to this smoothie. Not even all of them. Why not? Who knows. Maybe I forgot to photograph all of them? Maybe I was particularly excited about the spinach, cucumber, matcha powder, and local honey? Reader survey: does local honey actually help prevent allergies? Is that even what it’s supposed to do?


Ah, there’s a few more ingredients! Bananas and strawberries. I used to work at a smoothie place, and I am a righteous supporter of bananas in smoothies – they are what makes the texture great, and they add a bit of sweetness. Whatever diet you’re on that doesn’t allow fruit, or only lets you eat berries before 6am or whatever? I hate it. I’m not into it; I think it’s dumb. Fruit is good for you.


The finished product (yum). This is actually some overflow, the rest is in a tall glass. (Was. I made this like a month ago. Why am I posting it now? Cause I took some pictures of it and I’m procrastinating on this blog instead of working.) The two different levels of density/viscosity (physics people, please @ me the difference in those) that you can see on the outsides of the glass versus the middle comes from blending for a while, deciding to add a whole bunch more ingredients, then blending a lot more. I’m a fan of ice in smoothies, but I always forget about it until I pour the smoothie into the glass and it’s not very cold, so then I pour the whole thing back into the blender and blend again. It’s a time-waster friends, just add the ice to begin with. Crushed, if you have it, give your lil blender a break.


If you don’t know what matcha is, google it and then try it. It’s delicious*. My favorite way to consume matcha is in a hot latte made with almond milk and peppermint syrup. And I’m not even that kind of coffee shop person. You know the kind, who orders fancy drinks? I drink black coffee that I make myself, at home. But a peppermint almond milk matcha latte is just about the tastiest damn drink I’ve ever sipped, so give it a shot, why don’t ya?


*I think it also has lots of antioxidants or free radical fighters or something? Mostly it’s delicious.

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