Weekly Link Roundup, Episode 1

Some links for your boredom:

I found this article because I was listening to a Panic at the Disco song, and I immediately thought of another song, and this happens to me ALL THE TIME and has me thinking maybe I’m crazy or a secret musical genius? Either way this article is pretty cool. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/music-changes-the-way-you-think

Panic at the Disco was cool when I was in high school, and also when my younger siblings were in high school (well, one of them still is), so it’s kind of a cool thing we’ve gotten to bond over a little bit. I’m a fan of Pretty. Odd. from way back, and they (aforementioned little siblings) recently recommended this album, which I’ve been digging:
Vices and Virtues (find on Spotify or Apple Music or whatever your desired music service is)

A friend recommended I watch this short and so I’m now recommending it to you because it is delightful.

I consume way too many podcasts (who likes being alone with their thoughts, after all?) and this weekend I ran out of my usuals, so I branched out a little and have listened to a few episodes in a row of Sawbones, a medical history podcast hosted by Justin McElroy and Dr. Sydnee McElroy. They don’t curse (in case you have kids, I guess?) and they do tell cool stories about the weird history of medicine. Check it out.

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