Ideas and Observations, Collected

If you were looking to re-market beer, you could call it Fizzy Wheat Soda.

If you ever correct someone, or have a difference of opinion about a fact, or if (especially if) they’re dead wrong about something, the most magical words you can say are, “I may be wrong.” It’s disarming and unexpected will most likely make them recant their own surety of their point. And then, if you’re wrong, well, at least you were right about being wrong. And if you’re right? You are suddenly the most gracious person in the room.

It’s hard to cry while brushing your teeth. I’m not suggesting you start brushing your teeth in order to stop an onslaught of tears that are already coming or in-progress. But if you need to burst into tears (for whatever reason) it’s difficult to do so with a toothbrush and suds filling your mouth.

There are so many things in the world, so many different types of people with so many stories… the more you hear and read and experience and see, the more shocked you will be at the breadth and depth of our world.

The more resistant you are to good things happening, the less good will happen to you.

The more you say stuff like that ^ the less people will take you seriously, unless they’re already one of those hippy-dippy woo woo people themselves.

Taylor Swift’s new video for “End Game” was way less conceptual than her usual videos, a little boring, and she’s probably going to catch a lot of shit for it, critics/reviews-wise.

Books are like food, best consumed daily and with variety and moderation. Some YA here, some pop psychology there, some literature splashed in, sprinkle self-help liberally throughout. And some people are allergic or intolerant to certain types, or choose to abstain from certain genres for political or health or environmental reasons. But I suspect those who have the most varied diet have the most interesting opinions on the subject.

Days are a lot more enjoyable if you’re not constantly at war with yourself.

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