Or, when writer’s block becomes procrastination.

Hello and welcome to the second post on my humble site. While I did eventually finish (and submit) the cover letter I had previously been avoiding, I should be writing more cover letters and applying to more jobs. What am I doing instead? Making Christmas cards using watercolor paint. Watercolors

…and sparkly tape (I don’t know if it’s technically washi tape since it’s Duck brand?) and construction paper, like the kindergartener I secretly am.


Is this becoming a DIY blog you ask? No! Cause I don’t have the time or patience for that. It’s still just bits of ephemera from my life, and here’s the latest one.

Also I just finished reading Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s got some great stuff to say about creativity, if you’re interested. Here’s to hoping this weird little side project will spur me on to greater creativity.

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